Lightning Fast Framework

With low footprint and compatible with PHP 7 and HHVM, the framework could be your favourite framework.

Framework Features

  • Minimize Number of Codes

    Write less codes and be more productive. DSS is an MVC framework which is very easy to be learned.

  • Lightning-fast Performance

    Optimized for PHP 7 and HHVM, the framework is created to save precious resources as best as it could.

  • Supports RESTful API

    With the easy to use routing system, you can build your own RESTful API in a very short time.

  • Open Source Licensed

    The framework is licensed under MIT license which gives you freedom to use it from personal and commercial projects.

  • Reuseable Libraries

    The framework is bundled with many libraries and builders which you can use for developing your project.

Get It Now

Get the framework and start coding today.

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